Walburga Irma Black (1929-1985) was the eldest child and only daughter of Pollux Black, making her the elder sister of Alphard Black and Cygnus Black III.

Appearence Edit

Walburga was a stern looking woman with big hair and thin lips.

Personality Edit

Walburga Black, like most members of her family, was obsessed with blood purity, and her portrait would often scream insults at blood traitors, half-bloods or muggle-born wizards. She had little affection for her son Sirius, as he was viewed as a blood traitor by the Black family but appeared to have a fairly good relationship with Sirius' younger brother, Regulus, and was proud of him when he joined the Death Eaters. Although she was not a Death Eater herself, she was convinced that Voldemort was doing the right thing by trying to eliminate Muggles and bringing wizards and witches out of hiding.