"The House of Black is the nobliest of all, going even beyond that of Hanover. Toujours pur."

-Vulpecula Black to her daughters at court, 1768- Edit

Vulpecula Meliboa Black (1723-1802) was one of the earliest known members of the House of Black, by birth and marriage.

Biography Edit

Vulpecula's birth was filled with disappointment because of her gender, since the Black family line was thinning out and the only heir was Vulpecula's first cousin Cepheus.

She attended Hogwarts from 1734 to 1741. In 1744, she married her cousin Cepheus and she prayed hard for an heir. She eventually had issue:

  1. Amorette Black (1747)
  2. Aries Black (1750-1803)
  3. Allegra Black (1752)