Sirius Cygnus Black I (1845-1853) was the eldest child of Cygnus Black I and Ella Max and the older brother of Phineas Nigellus Black, Elladora Black and Iola Black. He tragically died at age 8.

History Edit

His parents dropped out of Hogwarts to get married and have him in 1845. His mother took care of him for the first two years as his father finished his education.

When he was 6, his father died while his mother was pregnant with Iola. One day in 1853, he was playing outside and made a stone move, proving his magic to a couple of muggle neighbours. The boys were scared and tied Sirius up, pushing him in a river to test if he was able to survive that and drowned, not able to control his magic fully. His death resulted into a hatred of muggles for his brother and sister.

Appearence Edit

Sirius was a handsome boy that resembled his father but younger and happier. He had his mothers smile.

Personality Edit

Sirius was playful and cheery and the joy in his parents's lives.