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Princess Margaret Victoria Charlotte Augusta Nora "Daisy" of Connaught (15 January 1882) is the eldest child of Prince Arthur and his wife, Louise "Louschen" of Prussia.


Margaret is considered to be one of the prettiest granddaughters of Victoria. She has dark chestnut hair, rosy lips and turquoise eyes.


Margaret is a hands-on mother and very practical. She is also very interested in sports and Swedish culture.



Margaret, or Daisy as she was known, was raised in a simple manner in London, England. She was very close to her sister Patricia "Patsy".


She married Prince Gustav of Sweden out of love after they met in Cairo, Egypt. Daisy moved to Sweden with him after their marriage and they had five children:

  1. Gustaf Adolphus Oscar Frederick (1906)
  2. Sigvard Oscar Frederick Bernard (1907)
  3. Ingrid Victoria Sophia Margaret (1910)
  4. Berthold Gustaf Charles Eugene (1912)
  5. Charles John Arthur Bernard (1914)

Charities and interests

Margaret was very interested in Swedish winter sports and financed many ski facilities.

She also wrote a book about gardening and used the profits to start a needlework foundation to support Sweden's war efforts. The sewing society also supported the Red Cross.

During the first world war, Margaret aided prisoners of war.