Musée/Musee Adrianus Black (1800-1870) was the assistent-minister to Minister of Magic Josephina Flint from 1824 to 1829.

Biography Edit

Musée or Musee was born in 1800 to Adrian and Malinda Black. Malinda was an artist and since she used the infant as an inspiration, she named him Musee for he was her muse.

He was his parents favorite, even when getting bad grades during his time at Hogwarts from 1811 to 1818 in Slytherin House. He excelled in Astronomy though.

He later married Carmella Kwistle and had two children:

  1. Norna Black (1826-1926), who married Timbo Blishwick
  2. Nellicent Black (1830-1882)