Misapinoa Black (1826-1926) was the eldest daughter of Licorus Black and Magenta Tripe. She was also the elder sister of Cygnus Black I and Arcturus Black I, as well as the wife of Jimbo Blishwick.

Appearence Edit

Misapinoa was a beautiful fair haired witch with almost ghost-like skin and dark eyes that contrasted with her dark red lips.

Personality Edit

Misapinoa was a smart witch but very shallow and materialistic. She had no contact with her father and never tried restoring their relationship. She said she would have made an even worse mother than hers and was very glad to never have children.

History Edit

Misapinoa went to Hogwarts from 1837 to 1844 and was sorted into Slytherin House. She was greatly neglected by her wealthy parents who had to marry because they were 18 and pregnant with her. She was loved by her brothers who were three and nine years younger.

The love between Jimbo and Misapinoa wasn't very big but they got along well and was a very wealthy wizard so they married in 1851. They had no children but were very content with one another. She died a day after her 100th birthday. Her husband had already died by that point.