Michiel Bernard Linus Korte (2002-2093) is one of the main characters in "Makes M&M in 2041", "2043" and "The Main Squad". He is the husband of Alice, and father of 6 children: Claude, Willem, Sebastiaan, Rhea, Bryn and Fabian.

Appearence Edit

Michiel is a slender man with a light beard, sleek blonde hair and blue eyes. He isn't very tall. His son Fabian is said to resemble him most out of all his children.

History Edit

Born in 2002 to Bernard and Deborah Korte, Michiel and his sister were raised in a wealthy invironment in The Hague. He followed the high education of Gymnasium Haganum from 2015 to 2021. From 2021-2025 he attended the Maastricht School of Theatre. In the same year, he would father his first child Claude (named after Claude de Valois).

By the age of 31, Michiel had six children and became a full time actor, living in the tiny town of Weesp. His best friends remained from his time at Haganum.

Trivia Edit

  • He says his daughter Rhea is closest to him in personality.
  • He says his son Willem differs from him most in personality.
  • He says his son Fabian is closest to him in appearence.
  • He says his daughter Bryn differs from him the most in appearence.