Liese Bryn Thora de Gerst (2055) is the third and youngest daughter of Michiel Korte's daughter Rhea Korte. She is the younger sister of Annah and Charlotte and the elder sister of Florian.

Biography Edit

She was born as the third of four children to baker Odin and midwife Rhea. She went with a gypsy group since when she was twenty years old and met Kent Fortman. She travelled the world singing and celebrating. She married Kent in 2077. They had two daughters:

  1. Cora Annah Charlotte Fortman (2079)
  2. Faun Liese Rhea Fortman (2081)

In 2093, the whole family attended their grandfather and great-grandfathers wake in Weesp. The daughters were 14 and 12 at the time.