Licorus Nigellus Black (1808-1872) is one of the earliest known members of the Black Family.

Background Edit

Born to Nigellus Black in 1808, Licorus was considered the family heir and was taught to be proud of their pure blood inheritance. Because of an affair of his father with half-blood Della Walken, he was joined by his half sister Alexia when he was nearly one year old. This illigitimate child shamed the family and thus lived elsewhere.

Licorus had one more sister: Phoebe and a brother: Eduardus. Licorus attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and was sorted into Slytherin House. Licorus was very popular and was chosen as Head Boy in 1825.

Marriage Edit

Licorus married Magenta very soon after passing their N.E.W.T's, as she was pregnant with their daughter Misapinoa, who was born in 1826. Licorus and Magenta had two more children: Cygnus (1829) and and Arcturus (1835).

Licorus was a distant father that didn't approve of much his children did. He clearly favoured his youngest child Arcturus. His daughter Misapinoa hadn't had much contact with her father, leaving his daughter-in-law Ella Max to care for him at his deathbed. He fell terribly ill after his wife's death in 1871 and died nearly a year after.