Leta Laurena Eglantine Lestrange (1897-1927) was the only child of Corvus Lestrange IV and Laurena Kama. She was also the wife of war-hero Theseus Scamander and sister-in-law to magic zoölogist Newton Scamander.

Biography Edit

Leta was born in 1897 to Laurena Kama, a senegalese divorcé and Corvus Lestrange IV, a british industrian. She had an elder half-brother, named Joseph Kama (1885). Her mother died at her birth.

Three months later, her father remarried to his first cousin Clarisse Tremblay and had another child, Leta's half-brother Corvus Lestrange V (1903).

For safety from the Kama family, Leta and her brother Corvus were sent to America in 1904 but tragically, Corvus died on their way there. Since it was all about Corvus's safety anyway, Leta returned three months after.

She attended Hogwarts from 1908 to 1915 and was sorted into Slytherin House.

In 1925, she met and became engaged to Theseus Scamander who worked with her on the ministry.

She died during her honeymoon in Paris, in 1927 when she was killed in a fight between Grindelwald supporters and aurors.