Laurena Kama (1865-1897) was the first wife of Corvus Lestrange IV and mother to his child Leta Lestrange.

Biography Edit

She was born in 1865 in the merchant class of Senegal. At age 17, she became a mistress to the much older Michael Kama (1844). She claimed to have truely loved him, despite the age difference.

However, within a year she was pregnant

Due to his wife's ilness, Michael was free to marry Laurena quietly when bribing the priest.

To avoid suspicion, the couple moved to Paris, France where she gave birth to her son Joseph at age 19.

In 1896, she was forced by Corvus Lestrange to divorce Kama and marry him because he found out Kama was still married.

They married and ten months after the wedding, Laurena died giving birth to their daughter Leta.

Children Edit

Name Birth Notes
Joseph Kama 1885
Leta Lestrange 1897 married to Theseus Scamander