Fabian Stephan Leonardo Korte (2033) is the sixth and youngest child and the third son of Michiel B.L. Korte and Alice Korte. He is the younger brother of Claude, Willem, Sebastiaan, Rhea and Bryn, as well as the husband of Aloora and father to their two children: Rowen and Robin.

Biography Edit

Just a day after graduation, Fabian joined the army forces after months of fighting with his father, who forbade it. They reconcile but start fighting again in 2059, when Fabian marries the Iranian beauty Aloora in secret without any family.

Again, they reconcile. There remains some tensions between Michiel and his youngest child.

Trivia Edit

  • While looking the most like Michiel out of all Korte children, Fabian also has the most troubles with him.
  • He, Claude and Rhea are the only Korte children with curly hair.