Elladora Misapinoa Black (1850-1938) was one of the earlier members of the Black Family. She was born the daughter of Cygnus Black I and Ella Max and the younger sister of Hogwarts Headmaster Phineas Nigellus Black.

Appearence Edit

Elladora was a beautiful witch back in her days with a mysterious look around her but by the 1920s she had turned old very quickly with eyes that were permanently set on a distrustful glare and leather-like skin.

Personality Edit

Elladora was a harsh and unforgiving woman. She cared about her family's reputation really much but never had much contact with her siblings (one deceased, one at Hogwarts and one disowned).

History Edit

At age 1, Elladora lost her father and her oldest brother Sirius died two years later. As her brother Phineas moved to Hogwarts in 1880 and her sister was disowned and sent away, she was the only resident of the Family Home, 12 Grimmauld Place in London after her mothers death in 1900.

Elladora lived there with two House-Elves for 30 years. When her first House-Elf turned to old to carry a tea tray, she let old Fasky be beheaded and his wife Panky take over. She was beheaded too in 1928. Their daughter Sipsy took over.

Elladora died of a sudden stroke in 1931, leaving the house to her eldest nephew, Sirius Black II.