Ella Black, née Max (1826-1900) was the wife of Cygnus Black I and the mother of Sirius, Phineas, Elladora and Iola.

Personality Edit

Ella was a kind woman with acceptance that reached far beyond her time. The fights she and her husband had over blood purity and it's meaning were often and long. She was the only member of the family supporting her daughter Iola's marriage to the muggle Robert Hitchens.

History Edit

After marrying Cygnus in 1844 (while he was still at Hogwarts) she gave birth to their son Sirius. His death in 1851 (during Ella's fourth pregnancy) was very disturbing but Ella grieved more when her eldest son Sirius died two years later at age 8.

Appearence Edit

Ella was a dark haired woman with a long nose and deep sad eyes.