Cygnus Black III (1931-1992) was the third and youngest child (second son) of Pollux Black and Irma Crabbe. He married his wife Druella in 1951 and the couple had three daughters, whom all married:

  • Bellatrix Druella Black (1951) x R. Lestrange
  • Andromeda Irma Black (1953) x E. Tonks
  • Narcissa Walburga Black (1955) x L. Malfoy

Personality Edit

Cygnus had a rough life and isn't very warm hearted except for his wife and daughters. It's mentioned Narcissa "Cissy" was his favourite.

History Edit

From 1942 to 1949, Cygnus attended Hogwarts and as a Prefect he started dating Druella. Because she was pregnant, Cygnus and Druella married when they were just past 20. Druella gave birth to their eldest daughter Bellatrix Druella "Bella" Black on their honeymoon. Two more daughters followed: Andromeda "Dromeda" Irma Black (1953) and Narcissa Walburga "Cissy" Black (1955). It's mentioned Narcissa was his favourite.

In 1973, Cygnus disinherited his middle daughter for marrying muggleborn wizard Edward Tonks I.

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