Corvus Cyrille Lestrange IV (1861-1916) was a British industrian, one of the last members of his branch of the Lestrange family and father to Leta and Corvus Lestrange V.

Biography Edit

Corvus was born Corvus Cyrille Lestrange IV in 1861 to Corvus Lestrange III and his wife, and cousin, Eglantine Lestrange. There was pressure on him to produce a son from birth, since his father only had sisters and his grand-uncle Falco only had daughters, one of which he would later marry.

He forced Laurena Kama, a beautiful French-senegalese woman to divorce her husband and marry him in 1896. She died within a year, giving birth to their daughter Leta Lestrange.

Three months later, he remarried his cousin and second cousin Clarisse Tremblay. He married purely for his line the second time and never felt love for Clarisse. As she was forced to move to England, they were 25 and 36 at the time of their marriage and he pressured her relentlesly for an heir, it is quite possible she never loved him, too.

However, in 1903 finally a son was born. He feared a murder attempt from his step-son Joseph to avenge his mother, so he sent Corvus to America in 1904 with his daughter Leta to accompany him. The ship sank and even though the nanny and seven year old Leta were saved, baby Corvus died.

Clarisse suffered a severe depression caused by their sons death and died in 1906. Corvus himself lived on for another decade but never quite recovered.

It is currently thought that Corvus's mental illness was caused by his family's incest, as his parents were first cousins. He himself also married a cousin/second cousin which may explain Corvus V's frailness at birth.

Issue Edit

Name Birth Died Notes
Leta Laurena Eglantine Lestrange 1897 1927 married Theseus Scamander
Corvus Falco Bernard Lestrange V 1903 1904 died aged 1 in a shipwreck