Corvus Falco Cyrille Lestrange (1835-1895) was the third and youngest child, as well as the youngest son of Corvus Lestrange II and Minette Rosier. He married his cousin Eglantine Lestrange and had one child with her: Corvus Lestrange IV (1861).

Biography Edit

Corvus III was born as the youngest child of Corvus and Minette Lestrange in 1835 with elder sisters Manon (1830) and Josette (1832). He was close with his mother Minette, as she was proud she had produced an heir.

In 1859, he married his cousin Eglantine Lestrange, daughter of his fathers brother Falco. They had one child:

Name Birth Death Notes
Corvus Lestrange IV 1861 1916 married (1) Laurena Kama and had: Leta Lestrange (1897) married (2) Clarisse Tremblay and had: Corvus Lestrange V (1903)