Clarisse Leonie Heloise Black, née Tremblay (1872-1906) was the second wife of British industrian Corvus Lestrange IV and mother to his only biological son Corvus Lestrange V.

Biography Edit

Clarisse was born in France as the second child of Bernard and Leonie Tremblay. Her elder brother was Falco (1868-1910). Her mother was British, since her grandfather (Clarisse's great-grandfather) had moved there from France, but returned to France to marry Bernard Tremblay.

She was an exceptionally brith young woman who studied Foreign Languages, first in Paris, then in London. She had briefly stopped to take care of her brother but returned to London in 1897, where she met her cousin Corvus, whom she married. His first wife had died three months earlier and they did not love each other.

It is said Corvus married for an heir, and Clarisse married to please her mother. She was forced to live in London and pressed relentlessly for an heir. In 1903, she finally gave birth to a son: Corvus.

She liked her stepdaughter Leta Lestrange greatly and was very concerned when her husband sent Leta and Corvus on a ship to America for safety. Although the nanny and Leta survived, Corvus, aged 1 did not.

This caused a severe depression for Clarisse, killing her in 1906, two years after. Her funeral was attended by Leta, Corvus and her brother Falco.