Charis Calandrina Crouch, née Black (1919-1973) was a witch in the early 20th century from the noble Black family who married into the Crouch family. She was the younger sister of Callidora Longbottum and Cedrella Weasley and daughter of famed auror Arcturus Black II.

Appearence Edit

Charis had darker hair than her sisters and was considered very beautiful with full lip.

History Edit

Charis was born as the youngest of three daughters of famed auror Arcturus Black. She went to Hogwarts from 1930 to 1936 and was made a prefect.

In 1943, she married high school sweetheart Casper Crouch and the couple had three children:

  • Bartemius Caspar Crouch I (1944)
  • Camillia Charis Crouch (1947)
  • Araminta Maliflua Crouch (1951)

Her grandson Bartemius Crouch Jr. became a well known Death Eater.

Personality Edit

Charis had a certain sense of wit and was lighter than her sisters. Although she didn't like muggle-borns and hated her brother in law, she still accepted her sister as part of the family after she married "blood-traitor" Septimus Weasley.