Callidora Lysandra Longbottom, née Black (1915-1981) was the eldest daughter of famous auror Arcturus Black II and Lysandra Yaxley.

Appearence Edit

Callidora had curly short and auburn hair and a beauty mark on her left cheek.

Personality Edit

Callidora was hard working woman with strong anti-muggle opions. Besides this, she was so close to her family she still kept in touch with her sister after she was disowned for marrying blood-traiter Septimus Weasley.

History Edit

Callidora was born in 1915 and attended Hogwarts in Slytherin House from 1926 to 1932. She was Head Girl and truely loved Harfand Longbottom. They married in 1936 and had two children:

  • Anthony Harfang Longbottum (1939) married Augusta and had one son named Frank (1959).
  • Aurora "Enid" Charis Longbottum (1942) married Albert but had no issue.