Aries Cepheus Black (1750-1803) was the middle child and only son of Cepheus Black and Vulpecula Black.

Biography Edit

He was born in 1750. He had two sisters: Amorette (1747) and Allegra (1750). He attended Hogwarts from 1761 to 1768 and was a favorite of Headmaster Dilys Derwent.

He then became a courtier and advisor to King George III of England, who, under his guidance, lost America.

There, he met poets daughter Cordelia and had two sons:

  1. Adrian Black (1778-1814), who married Malinda and had son Musée Black (1800)
  2. Nigellus Black (1780-1850), who married Eudokia Carlock and had Licorus (1808), Phoebe (1810), Hesper (1815) and Eduardus (1820). He also had a bastard named Alexia Walken Black (1809).