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Altepost is a country residence and former inn in Wimbern, Germany (formerly Hannover), where Anton Schlünder lived with his wife, Pauline Stromberg, their two surviving sons and their seven surviving daughters.


Altepost was built sometime before the 1850s and it was bought by Anton and Pauline Schlünder shortly after their wedding. Here, their nine children were born and raised:

  • Christoph Theodore Christian Schlünder (1856)
  • Elisabeth Frederica Margaret Schlünder (1858)
  • Gustav Frederick William Schlünder (1859)
  • Margaret Schlünder (1861)
  • Pauline "Paula" Schlünder (1863)
  • Marie Antoinette Victoria Schlünder (1864)
  • Francesca Christina Schlünder (1866)
  • Matilda "Maria Ignatia" Schlünder (1870)
  • Christiane Gertrude Hermione Schlünder (1873)

Through their nine children the pair had forty-one grandchildren they regularly welcomed at Altepost.