Alexia Walken Black(1809-1892) was an illigitimate child of the Black Family, born to Nigellus Black (at the time married to Eudokia Carlock) and Dalassena Walken.

Background Edit

Alexia was born out of wedlock to the married man Nigellus Black (who did give her his name) and the Greek witch Dalassena Walken in 1809. By her father, she had four half-siblings: Licorus (1808), Phoebe (1810), Hesper (died in infancy in 1815) and Eduardus (1820).

Her father visited once a year: on her birthday and twice she actually came to his house with her mother and met her half-siblings and step-mother. She later described this as very awkward. She was home-schooled by her mother and travelled all of Greece but moved to America 1833 and started teaching at Ilvermorny and quickly became a legendary teacher.

Relation to the Blacks Edit

Alexia claimed she felt no love for her father, but was greatly depressed by her mothers death in 1850.

Her brother Licorus was interviewed about her during his NYC visit in 1842. He answered he didn't know about any relative named Alexia claiming to be his sister.

In 1850 her brother Eduardus supported her through her mothers death and became a lifelong friend. Her half-sister Phoebe claimed her as a illigitimate half-sister during a book session in 1853 but said they had no relationship.